Quicksilver is a multiplayer game of tag with an added twist of parkour and free-running mechanics. This allows players to have more movement and to also focus on the core mechanic of the game: escape. The game also is networked and can support up to 8-players.


Above is the blockout I made for the level. I used it to test mechanics that the team and I were planning for the game. I started off by setting up different obstacles which would require the use of a certain mechanic. My focus for this level was fluid movement, I wanted the player to have as few stops in movement as possible.


I wanted to try and keep the routes that connected the buildings to not seem out of place if I could. The screenshot above shows how I used the metal backing of neon signs and billboards to serve as a way to get from one building to the other.

Complete View

Here's a screenshot of the full level where you can see different obstacles and elements in the level. The game is set on the rooftops and if a player falls they will respawn randomly on one of the buildings.