Red vs. Blue Pinball (WIP)

Below is a prototype for a digital pinball table based on popular Rooster Teeth machinima Red vs. Blue. It is being created using Visual Pinball 10. The game will be based around season 1 of Red vs. Blue using images and sounds from the show.

In order to create this table I first started by playing physical machines and learning what makes them fun from their layout and modes that make up the game. I sketched out a layout on paper first. I also decided how many modes the game would have along with what they would do.

Pinball Playfield

Above is how the table looks when it is being played. Many of the textures are placeholders at the moment. During this project I have had to setup the playfield and make sure that the shots are able to be completed from the flippers and that they all serve a purpose. I have also done the scripting for the elements on the playfield so that they add to the score and complete modes.