Spectral Robot Task Force

Spectral Robot Task Force is a turn-based strategy game similar to XCOM and Fire Emblem, with robot ghosts fighting supernatural criminals. It features a light-hearted plot that we want to couple with deep, rewarding gameplay. Online multiplayer will extend the fun past the singleplayer experience, and you can even play asynchronously if you want to take your time strategizing.


Above is the blockout I made for the original level. I first prototyped it on paper and our game designer and I sat down and played out a game with the different classes he was creating. After we decided it was time to start blocking things out I used Maya and the assets made by our artist to blockout the level. We wanted to setting for the level to be a library. Originally there would be a height bonus and therefore I decided to include a second floor to take advantage of that but also left less cover on the second floor to balance out the bonus. It would force players to try and move their forces more.

Imagine RIT Level Imagine RIT Level Imagine RIT Level

Above is a prototype level I quickly made to for Imagine RIT. For this level many of our game mechanics were not fully implemented yet and therefore I decided to focus on making the players use as much of the map as possible. During the first playtest I found that players would gravitate towards the center and never move elsewhere. To fix this I changed the spawns for both teams after the initial death. This forced the players to use much more of the map since they would move towards the new unit that spawned.

If you would like to learn more or try the game out for yourself please visit our site: Spectral Robot Task Force